We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging for a Quick Message

I know, it’s freakin’ Tuesday! Why am I updating my blog?! I promise it’s just a quick update!

Well, a couple things…

The first thing is and isn’t church related. After the incredible turnout among my neighbors for Easter Sunday, I came up with an awesome idea for a Christmas present for them. I sent out texts today letting them know that the more they attend Sunday service, the more they’ll be a part of the present. As much as I’d love to share my secret with you, I can’t! A couple of my neighbors know about my blog! I’m stoked out of my mind about my idea and when it comes to fruition, I’ll share what I did with you.

Second thing! While speaking with the Junior Pastor (Yea, I haven’t verified if I’m using the right terminology, but we’re going to go with it,) he offered me a children’s Bible for my son. Normally, I’d refuse the offer, but I’ve been bouncing around trying to find which children’s Bible would be best. So, I figured why not take the advice of the Junior Pastor? They’ll have an additional offering in the bucket when it comes around on Sunday to cover the cost of the Bible. Whether it goes to purchasing more Bibles so people who cannot now, nor in the foreseeable future, afford a Bible can have one or if it goes to the awesome things the church is involved in, I’m cool with it.

Now! Reigning back in to my point! I got to chat with a woman I met at Serve Saturday. Apparently people from the church are reading my rambling! I was super pleasantly surprised at the dialogue it opened up with her!

Excuse me for a moment while I address the church members reading this:

KEEP ROCKIN’ ON WITH YOUR BAD SELVES! (And by bad, I mean incredibly awesome.)

Now back to my less than regularly scheduled blogging!

I’ve known for years that there can be an open dialogue about religion and an individuals lack of faith. I have a friend that I’ve known for over thirteen years that I talk to about religion all the time. She grew up Catholic and converted to Baptist as an adult when she got married (You know who you are and you’re probably reading this.) We’ve approached the discussion from a place of mutual respect, neither of us have aimed to shove our beliefs down the other’s throat. Ah! Mutual respect and mutual acceptance. What I didn’t know was that the same discussion could be had on a larger scale. Not that I stand up in front of people and talk about it, but that so many people from the same church could have that open conversation. It’s truly mind-blowing. Every time I get to really talk to someone new (New to me, not new to the church) from the church, I find myself loving it more and more. I definitely chose the right place for my son to grow in his faith. I want his faith to be a connection to other people, not a wall and a reason to lock people on the other side of it.

Ok! I promised it’d be short! No more intermediate posts before Sunday! Pinky swear and all that.


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