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I’m a horrible person, I know! I’m a day late updating and this post will go live later than promised!

Without further ado!

Sunday Service!

I liked the overall message. I think to fully grasp the message or have it truly resonate with me I’d have to really believe, but I liked it. For me, it focused on not giving up because maybe if you had hung in another hour, another day, another month you would’ve succeeded. You fell just short of your goal because you didn’t hang in quite long enough. There’s definitely a thin line to walk with that, when the risks of continuing greatly outweigh the benefits of soldiering on, but in general, if you start toward your goal, see it through. The Pastor used the example that Jesus was dead for three days before rising again. What if his disciples had given up on the second day? They would’ve missed the glory of him rising again.

The Pastor also talked about having compassion for those around you when you’re going through a bad day. There’s a reason “misery loves company” is a saying, try not to add to its validity. He used the example that Jesus was going through his worst day and was crucified between two thieves. He brought one of them to heaven with him (I’m unfamiliar with the details of how one thief was deemed more deserving than the other.) I know almost everyday starts badly for me. I’m a nasty person when I wake up in the morning. It doesn’t matter if I have a steaming cup of coffee or a five hour energy shot waiting for me, give me an hour after I get up! I try my hardest not to take it out on my husband and my son. They didn’t go anything to deserve my morning wrath. I make a conscious effort to be nice and smiling when I wake up my son. I make an effort to respond nicely to my husband when he tries to start a conversation when I haven’t even been out of bed ten minutes! Homicidal pyromaniac best describes how I feel when I roll out of bed. I want to kill the world with fire and sip my coffee as I watch it all burn… So, when I tell you I make a serious effort not to drag those around me into that misery, I mean it! I think if you take nothing else away from my blog today, I hope this is it. You’re not the only one having a bad day and just because you’re having one, doesn’t mean those around you should too. Maybe, if we reach back to the first sermon I attended about transparency and you shared why you’re having a bad day, you might find someone to lean on and make your day a little more bearable.

The Pastor gave advise on the concept of worrying. It’s unreasonable, unnatural, unhelpful and unnecessary. I generally agree. In the faithful, it makes total sense to completely abolish worry as much as humanly possible. As far as the Bible says, worry is sinful. It’s questioning God’s plan for you and worrying that in creating you/your life’s plan, He forgot something and now you need to worry about it. Like I said, I generally agree. I don’t believe in a God to rest my faith in that all will come to fruition. I try not to worry though. Why? I can be productive and think of solutions to my problems, I can communicate those issues with my husband and we can work toward an end result, but just sitting around worrying is pointless. The situation, whatever it is, is there. It will need to be dealt with and unless you’re actively doing something to change it, it’ll still need to be dealt with whenever you get around to it. Just sitting and worrying all day only serves to eat away at you, mentally and physically. Worry causes anxiety and too much anxiety can lead to chemical imbalances. I don’t need to believe in God to know that.

The Pastor referenced Matthew 6:25-34 to support his sermon.

After service there were believer’s baptisms. As far as I understand, it’s different from having your infant baptized. This is for people who are making their decision to dedicate their life to living a Christ-like life public. A friend of mine said she cries every time she watches baptisms. I was hoping for some sort of emotional reaction, but it didn’t come.

My son said he learned about grace. He doesn’t seem to talk about the kids service too much. He gives me the gist of it, but never elaborates. I had the youth Pastor explain baptism to him. He said he wants to be baptized. He saw one of his friends baptized. I explained that it’s not just something he does because his friends are doing it and he thinks it’s cool. It has meaning, it’s a commitment and he needs to really take time to decide if it’s a commitment he’s ready for. It gave my husband and I something to talk about. I leave all of those decisions up to my husband. He thinks our son should wait until he’s a little older and more fully understands what’s happening.

Evening Meeting!

So, last week I attended the first meeting of this “sort”. It was mainly focused on the church’s mission, their budget, and certain projects they’re working on. This week, it was more focused on faith and how you can build a relationship with God/Jesus. I honestly don’t want to write about it. It didn’t do much for me. Even listening to others talk about their relationship with God and Jesus was a little awkward for me. I didn’t participate in the faith based talk. It was foreign to me. I would’ve had as much to add in a language I don’t speak as I did last night.

The one thing I was interested in were the small groups the church offers. I do want to join a Bible study group. Like last night, I’d probably listen more than anything. I want a group that discusses the Bible. I suppose I’ll sign up for one and go from there. I’ll attend and if it’s something I can participate in, I’ll continue with it.

Side Note: No, I don’t do anything writing related as a career. I’ve been asked, so I figured I’d put it out there. AND I created a Facebook page. Mostly to avoid intermediate updates like the one that happened last Tuesday. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/atheistmominafaithfulfamily?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

**PSA: My husband and I were talking yesterday between the morning service and when I attended an evening meeting at the church. I don’t know what anyone expects from the evolution of this blog, but I have to say it now… This blog will NEVER NEVER NEVER evolve to live updates during service! I’m not entirely sure why my husband felt the need to tell me it shouldn’t go there, it hadn’t even crossed my mind. Nonetheless, anyone hoping for an evolution in that direction, not happening. I respect the church, the people also attending the service and the Pastor’s effort to write the sermon too much to do something like that during service. /End PSA**


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