Why “Sometimes It’s Just Green Spray Paint” hasn’t gone up…

I’m going


Cartoon of me provided by BitStrips’ Bitmoji keyboard

Excuses, excuses, I know! I figured I’d offer an explanation for why I haven’t put up my blog from last Sunday, it’s still sitting in my drafts.

WARNING this post will contain information many may deem as too much information. I’ve mentioned being an “open book” in the past and this post will undoubtedly prove my point. It will not contain graphic images, it’s not a “NSFW” post! It’ll simply be a little more than you probably wanted to know about me.

Onward! So, I’ve talked about arts and crafts that I’m into and I’m pretty sure I’ve touched on the way that crafts plague my life. Well, this week has been an excellent example of it! Once I get an idea of something to make, I can’t stop thinking about it until I’ve done it… Thinking is an understatement, obsessing is more accurate. I get scatter-brained, I can’t sleep, I feel aimless. It’s horrible! I’ve had to take sleep aides to get some sleep when stuck in the cycle of obsession! I tried multiple times to sit down and type out my blog for last Sunday. I’d type, delete it all, type it another way and delete it again. I ended up going to JoAnn’s for the supplies to make what’s in my head instead of finishing the blog post. I simply couldn’t do it!

I’ve stayed up until 4am carving or crocheted until my vision blurred. It’s not uncommon with crafts like carving, crocheting, or knitting that the reason I stopped and didn’t pick it back up for a couple days was because my hands were blistered and so sore I could wield the needed tools. I started sewing on Monday this week. I’ve sewn everyday so far, including this morning. My neck and shoulders are screaming for a break, but I have 12 more things cut out and ready to be sewn! I can’t stop now!

I think the only saving grace of my obsession is that I’m good at it. The achilles heel of making it profitable, I can only make things based off of what pops into my head. I can’t muster the motivation to create someone else’s idea. The only time I’ve sold something I made was a monkey I crocheted. It sat in the house for a few months, I showed a couple friends and one of them happened to want it.


The monkey I made and sold

Now, my obsessive nature doesn’t stop with arts and crafts. I like to know things about everything. Not to say I’m a know-it-all, but if a topic piques my interest, all bets are off! I’ll be stuck researching it until I can’t find any new information on it. Hot topics I like to research off and on are medicine and law. I’m a huge medical dork! I should’ve gone to school to be a doctor, but I was too busy sleeping in high school to achieve any grades worth noting. A quick note on my blog’s Facebook page noted that I’m currently involving myself in the legal system. Pro-se is so overwhelming! It’s worth the savings! One lawyer told me his retainer is $3,500 and he’s $385/hr! To top off his outrageous pricing, he also flat out admitted to being inexperienced in the field of law I would’ve been using him for!

All of this culminates into my current project! (This is also the TMI part, if you’re looking to skip out on that!) RUMPS or reusable menstrual products. How many noses scrunched up at the thought of that? Let me ‘splain! So, this is inevitably going to end up being a sort of “lesson” on RUMPS and an explanation on how they came to my attention or became the object of my current obsession.

I was originally introduced to Soft Cups, they’re disposable menstrual cups and readily available at Walgreen’s (Some other stores too, but I don’t know which ones!) A friend told me how much less she cramped while using them. <- THAT was the spark that ignited my obsession! Of course, I went straight to the store and got some! Now I feel like I’ve been menstruating wrong for over a decade! From there I looked into reusable menstrual cups. If I’m dumping tampons, why not look for a way where I won’t have to buy another menstrual product for at least another decade? Ok, I got my hands on reusable menstrual cups… Now, I know every single lady reading this right now knows about leaks! All of you! If you’re denying it, you’re lying! I was determined to fully kick the menstrual product industry to the curb, including panty liners! Thus, I present to you, the panty liners I’ve been making this week! I am no longer contributing to a multi-billion dollar industry that isn’t really interested in the innovation of feminine hygiene products. Not to mention, no risk of TSS (You know you’ve read the tampon insert, everyone has when stranded in the bathroom with nothing to read!), saving about $120/yr (That doesn’t sound like much, but over the last 16 years, that’s nearly $2,000 I could’ve spent on something more worthwhile), and last, but certainly not least… Feminine hygiene product manufacturers use “trade secrets” as a means to not disclose what’s actually in their products. Look at your box of tampons or pads, it doesn’t tell you what it’s made of. I’m fairly disappointed in myself for having not noticed before, but it’s what I’ve known all this time. There wasn’t an alternative that I knew of. You check the ingredients in your food, your pet’s food, what materials your clothing is made out of, your hair products… But not something worn in such an intimate place? I’m not satisfied with not knowing, so I’ve made the switch.


So, now you know! I’m obsessed and can’t stop until I’ve finished the project.


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