Sometimes It’s Just Green Spray Paint

Total side note: I think I’m going to specifically aim to put up a post on Mondays instead of Sundays. It’ll give me more time to reflect on the service and listen to the podcast of it if need be. Not to mention, I’ve been late getting it up the last couple weeks. It just feels rushed trying to get it up on Sundays.

Now a church related side note: The church was able to donate $5,000 to disaster relief in Nepal! This goes back to the first evening meeting I wrote about and the margins the church runs within. They didn’t need to do a fundraiser or wait for enough money to be donated. The Pastor contacted a missionary he knows that is in Nepal, asked what they needed and cut the check! I think it’s extraordinary that people have given so much to the church that they’re able to do participate in all of the organizations they’re involved with, support the church’s staff and events, drop $5,000 for disaster relief, and I’m fairly certain they’re still capable of giving if someone comes up in need! Generous hearts that attend the church and a wise money-management plan has set this church up for greatness.


The Pastor continued the series on being weird. I have to admit, I was kind of dreading this service. He had mentioned that this one was going to be about “sexual impurities” (Not his words, but you get the gist.) I knew that would include two hot-button topics for me: Homosexuality and abstinence. I support all things gay related… Gay marriage, adoption, just being gay… All of it. It doesn’t personally affect me, I’m not gay. Gay people getting married doesn’t negate the validity of my marriage and by all rationale, my marriage would be just as unholy (2 Corinthians 6:14-18 says so.) If single parents can make up for their missing partner, then two of one gender can partner to raise children too.

To my surprise! The Pastor didn’t dwell on homosexuality. He mentioned it and moved on. I was surprised because when I was younger, I went to Ybor City a lot. The “curbside preachers” all had their best imitation of Westboro Baptist Church’s signs condemning gay people. The typical “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” They were nasty people. They came out with their bullhorns to yell at people and condemn them all to hell. It’s the lack of condemnation that surprised me! The Pastor’s tone is “This is a sin. You know it, I know it. It’s on you to see it and change your ways.”

The other part I was dreading, abstinence… Not so much the theory of abstinence, but I think preaching and teaching abstinence are two different things. Preach abstinence as the ideal coarse of action, but teach safe sex. That’s a big one for me, because I believe whenever we make things taboo, they become a million times more desirable to those we’re trying to ward away from it.

Otherwise, I’m pretty onboard with what he was saying! He offered some examples of how people wind up sinning. Some “normal” thought processes that make it easier.

Everyone looks: Yep, a lot of people do. The Pastor noted that men look for physical things and women look for emotional things. Statistics back him up! I’ve always found that odd. I don’t believe in cheating. As soon as the thought to look elsewhere hits you, I think you should own it and see what needs to be fixed in your relationship. It’s such a downward spiral from there, that listing the other two “normal” thought processes separating doesn’t make sense to me. It goes from everyone looks, to I can’t help it, to at least I don’t act on it… And then you’re acting on it. All that looking and fantasizing about someone you think would be better (i.e. Prettier, more emotionally available, more financially stable…) when you should’ve realized something needed to be fixed when that “greener pasture” first caught your attention.

It seems like “everyone looks” for something better when it comes to everything. A better car, a better house, a better job, a better spouse, and a better lawn. Funny thing about always looking to “greener pastures,” sometimes it’s just green spray paint. I talked to a friend about this “greener pastures” thing and she nearly blew my eardrum laughing! Her and her husband had been admiring a neighbor’s lawn. It’s always perfectly manicured and a brilliant green. Well, one day she was driving by when he was outside working on his yard. She stopped to ask him what he did to make his yard look so vibrant. His answer… The stuff he was sprinkling on the yard actually has green dye in it and he puts it on the grass when it’s about to rain so it soaks in and dyes the grass! Not to brag or anything, but I’ve got a pretty awesome friend and even though her and her husband are going up against a “cheater,” they’re working on their lawn the hard way. They’re going to make it truly healthy!


The Pastor found a startling statistic: 60% of people will commit adultery by the age of 40… So when you’re 40 and hanging out with your 40 year old friends, three out of five of them will have cheated on their spouse! 100% of those people started out just looking, because everyone looks…


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