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My earliest memories of church were days I attended with a neighborhood friend. Religion was never a big thing in my family. I was less than ten years old, but even going on 30 I can remember it just not clicking like it was yesterday. I just couldn’t believe. The scripture, the worship, the glory… It all went in one ear and out the other.

I’m not an angry atheist. I haven’t stayed away from church because of some horrible experience growing up. It simply wasn’t relevant.

Fast forward nearly two decades: My husband and son believe! If my son believes, I want to foster that belief. If he grows up and holds onto his faith his entire life, I want him to have a church to call home and people to grow with in his faith. There’s no pressure, if he loses that faith some time in his future, that’ll be because he’s decided it’s not for him.

I’ve recently found a church that I like. My son and I attend the church. I attend so that I can at least know in a believer’s words what their message is and to be able to better answer my son’s religious questions. I don’t want to taint his beliefs with my lack of belief.

PSA: I will not now, nor will I ever, mention the church my son and I attend by name. As much as I’d love to share it with you and encourage those who may be in my area to check it out, I find that it is in the best interests of mine and my son’s safety not to share identifying information.


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